1. Taken together, our data provide new mechanistic insights into possible endogenous signaling metastatic signaling pathways involved inmaintaining proliferation and migration of breast cancer cells.
  2. We sought to determine whether seliciclib (CYC202, R-roscovitine) could increase the antitumor effects of doxorubicin, with no increase in toxicity,in an MCF7 breast cancer xenograft model.
  3. MIB1 (ki67) immunohistochemistry demonstrated reduced proliferation with treatment.(用于ki67方面)
  4. Survivin embodiesthese properties, and
  5. Moreover, in pre-clinical bladder tumor models, inhibition of Survivin expression and/or function has been shown to impedetumor cell proliferation, and markedly induce spontaneous or chemotherapy induced apoptosis
  6. The efficacy of mainstay cancertherapies, cytotoxics and radiation, has reached a plateau in the treatment of many cancers, and there is an urgent sense that improvements must now come from fresh approaches.
  7. Median age was 62 years with a range of 40-74 years.
  8. splice variants might function in effect asdominant negatives so that their expression might concurrent with
  9. There is a hypothesis that
  10. The absenceof in vivo data on this point has now been remedied with a paper in this issue of the JCI by Altieri and colleagues.
  11. Thus, thisraises an interesting question whether…
  12. raisingthe possibility that most, if not all, tumors express…
  13. The levels of p21 and p27 increased after treatment with doxorubicin or seliciclib alone or in combination,compared to untreated controls.
  14. In contrast,it is abundantly expressed in a wide variety of malignant tissues.
  15. On the contrary,…
  16. By contrast,a good title will attract the relevant researchers and increase the number of citations you receive
  17. We have found that the human breast cancer cellsMCF-7/Adr overexpress not only P-gp but also XIAP and Survivin, and showed high resistance to chemotherapeutic drugs doxorubicin, docetaxel and vincristine, in contrast to their parental cells KB and MCF-7.
  18. Survivin is aberrantly expressed invarious kinds of cancer cells but is undetectable in normal differentiated adult tissues, with the exception of testis, thymus, and placenta.
  19. The attributable mortality of CVCrelated bloodstream infections ranges from 0% to 11.5%,
  20. Giventhese low rates, it is not clear whether new technical devices confer further advantages
  21. Patientswith a history of allergy to chlorhexidine or to transparent dressings were excluded.
  22. Recurrence is difficult to treatand incurable in most patients
  23. She also runs the risk of infection because she has no spleen and will have to take penicillin for a few months.
  24. using these sitescarried an increased risk of noninfectious complications
  25. Patients with gastroparesisare at increased risk for aspiration pneumonitis
  26. Some research suggests that frequent consumption of fruit and vegetable cancut the risk of lung cancer even in smoke. 有研究显示,对水果和蔬菜长期的消耗,甚至能使吸烟者患肺癌的危险性降低。;转换:有研究显示,长期食用水果和蔬菜甚至能使吸烟者患肺癌的危险性降低
  27. since lower LDL was linked tosmaller risk of vascular events.
  28. However, radiotherapy is an expensivetreatment and is linked to the increased risk of other lasting complications, such as impaired bowel function, incontinence, and sexual dysfunction. For that reason, radiotherapy should be targeted to patients showing a high risk of local recurrence, such as those with involvement of the circumferential resection margin.
  29. butreached the similar conclusion that HDAC was involved in the repressing effects of p53 on survivin expression
  30. This study evaluated the choice in usingchemo radiotherapy in patients who had involvement of the circumferential resection margin, with one week sessions of radiotherapy prior to
  31. Total mesorectal excision is one of the latest advances in surgical techniquesthat have enhanced patient outcomes
  32. That preoperative radiation can mitigatebut not eliminate the adverse effects of imperfect surgery. The best outcomes occurred when preoperative radiation was followed by optimum surgery…The next challenge is to understand which patient needs what therapy to maximise his or her chance for cure.
  33. While her sutures heal, Heather has a stoma
  34. exercise helps you recover from a heart attack but only if you keep it up.
  35. The authors wrote that we already know that exercisebenefits patients with coronary artery disease, but there is little evidence on which types of exercise have the most
  36. The researchers measured the participants’ endothelial function (flow-mediated dilation) before and after 4 weeks of different types of exercise training and then after 1 month of no training.
  37. Vona said itwas important to keep exercising in the longer term.
  38. The follow-up lasted(not ‘was’)14-122 months
  39. All 23 patientsmet the criteria for establishing the diagnosis of the nutcracker syndrome
  40. No perioperativecomplications were encountered
  41. Please feel free to contact meif you have any questions.
  42. Attention is also shifting fromthe osteoclast as a target for new therapies to the osteoblast and the osteocyte, with its complex network within the depths of bone.
  43. its application in oncology would become greatly limited because its efficacy is achieved at the expense offatal toxicity.
  44. Man proposes,God disposes(谋事在人,成事在天)
  45. Bronchiectasis differs from chronic bronchitis in that the former is more of a localized disease.支气管扩张与慢性支气管炎的区别在于前者更是一种局限性疾患。
  46. Successful experiments in immunology have proved a great hope in its further application as a powerful therapeutic and diagnostic weapon.
  47. The modern world is experiencing rapid development of science and technology.
  48. The prolonged use of systemic antibiotics in acne may result in a distinctive syndrome that is exceptionallydifficult to deal with.
  49. Here, we outlinestrategies for identification of patients at risk and for prevention and possible treatment of this important entity of chronic pain.
  50. In fact, in patients withinsulin resistance (ie, metabolic syndrome), decreased insulin-induced uric acid excretion may account for the observed uric acid derangements.
  51. Although modern medicine has made tremendous advances, cancer is still one of the most dangerous diseases
  52. This revolutionary force in medicine, especially in the field of antibacterial agents, is now advancing in its full swing; more and greater breakthroughs are still expected.(用于展望)在医药方面,特别是在抗菌药物领域中的这股新力量,正在全力进展;更多的和更大的突破仍有望出现。 (省略its)
  53. We thought it necessary to perform an exploratory thoracotomy.我们认为有必要做剖胸探查。如果不省略it,则翻译为:我们认为这是必要的去做剖胸探查。这也是非常拗口的翻译。
  54. They trained three to four times per week out of concernthey would “overtrain” or become stale.
  55. Following the use of antibacterial agents there is a profound alternation and disturbance of the normal bacterial equilibrium.随着抗菌药物的使用,正常的细菌平衡状态发生了深刻的变化和紊乱现象。 (补充了状态、现象)
  56. Diseases associated with atherosclerosis are an increasing problem in most parts of the world and, as with many other problems of today, are becoming more and more urgent for the younger generation.
  57. If heredity is complex, equally so is environment.如果说遗传因素是复杂的,那么环境因素亦是如此
  58. Antibiotics have been used to deal with almost all known bacteria. Without them, we could not have saved so many lives.
  59. He will perform an operation onher for a diseased lung.
  60. The temperature will fall to normalwithin 48 hours.
  61. Heavy smoking greatly increased the probability of havinglung cancer.
  62. He is only nineteen and the baby in the ward .他只有19 岁,是病房里最年轻的。
  63. He has developed an addiction to drugs. 他养成了吸毒的坏习惯。drugs 复数表示毒品
  64. cure; heal; treat; cure表示治疗、医治的意思,在现代英语中, 多指药对疾病有效, 治愈疾病, 使人恢复健康。The physician cured him of the disease.医生治好了他的病。heal 它的意思是医治、愈合,多指治愈伤口或创伤,使之复原。Thesurgeon healed his wound. 外科医生治好了他的伤口。Treat医治、治疗(病人、疾病等), 只指予以医治。How would you treat a case of rheumatism?你怎样治疗风湿病?
  65. Early and aggressive treatment of hemolytic streptococcal infections with penicillin reduces the incidence of rheumatic fever following such infections; but after rheumatic fever has been triggered, treatment with antimicrobial agents is ineffective.
  66. The reason that one tissue or organ, such as stomach, can digest food, and another tissue or organ, such as a muscle, can move a limb, is that the cells of which each tissue or organ is made are different.
  67. In such cases,heart murmur is often present. 这类病例常常出现心脏杂音。
  68. In such a casethe patient should be encouraged to be up and about.
  69. On some occasionsit is important to
  70. Most attention has been directed atthe study of the spread of these tumors through the lymphatic system, and at that of the influence that lymphatic metastasis has on the prognosis after surgery.
  71. One of the fundamental assumptions in the study of shock has been that研究休克的基本设想之一一直是
  72. It is usually postulated that通常认为
  73. Large scalecollection and processing under way
  74. A double-blind trial was carried out among 470 patients, of whom about 70% were males with postoperative pain.
  75. Significant fever, leucocytosis, and above all, rigors should arouse suspicion and so should the presence of sepsis.
  76. Never give morphine to unconscious patients, patients who have head injuries, those with respiratory depression, or those without pain.
  77. Tetracycline has no demonstrable effects on the central nervous system, neither has chloromycetin.四环素对中枢神经系统没有明显作用,氯霉素对中枢神经系统也没有明显作用。
  78. There is nothing illogical in the idea that viruses or virus-like agents may be the basic cause of cancers, although requiring the cooperation, as we shall see, of nutritional, hormonal, genetic and other metabolic factors.
  79. The therapy must not be interrupted until a satisfactory clinical and hematological remission血象好转
  80. Protein/carbohydrate interactions through specific protein families termed lectin control essential biological processesGalectins, a family of animal lectins defined by shared amino acid sequence with affinity for b-galactosides, appear to be functionally polyvalent ina wide range of biological activity. Galectin-1 and galectin -2 contribute to the suppression of
  81. bcl-2 and survivincontribute independently to embryonic and fetal development . contribute 的用法
  82. However, the biological functions and contributions tocancer progression of survivin splice variants are controversially discussed.
  83. Low recurrence rateswere related to a negative circumferential resection margin and a superior plane of surgery.
  84. Survivin positivitywas independently related to inferior survival irrespective of treatment with or without radiotherapy
  85. Survivinis strongly expressed in HNSCC, and its proposed dual role as an apoptosis inhibitor and a mitotic effector positioned survivin in the front line of cancer research.
  86. Head and neck squamous cell carcinomas(HNSCC) is characterized by local tumor aggressiveness, high rate of early recurrences, metastasis and development of second primary carcinomas. Over the last decades
  87. Loco-regional relapse after therapy isa major cause of death despite modern therapeutic strategies like radio- and chemotherapy in addition to sophisticated surgical management of the tumor
  88. Consequently, overall survivinexpression, its distinct intracellular localization and its significance as a prognostic marker were analyzed in many HNSCC patient studies, albeit with opposing conclusions
  89. This is quitelong, contains some grammatical problems and says nothing about the anti-tumor effects…. However, this is still fairly
  90. Your paper’s abstract is critical because many researchers will read that part only, rather than reading the entire paper.
  91. where it is freeto interact with Apaf-1 and caspase-9 to form an active“apoptosome” complex inducing a cascade of caspase activity and ensuing cell death
  92. Moreover, we and others have found that overexpressionof ErbB2 confers on breast cancer cells an increased resistance to Taxol
  93. Notwithstandingthis eye-catching title, the major focus of the editorial had to do with Dr. Biesecker’s thoughtful comments on the gathering, storing, retrieval, and publication of clinical data in the field of medical
  94. Some conventionalantitumor therapies, including DNA-damaging and antimicrotubule agents, exert their function by activating the intrinsic apoptosis pathway
  95. hTERT activity is induced by c-Myc and strategies designed toinhibit c-Myc expression in cancer cells may have considerable therapeutic value.
  96. In addition, c-Myc has also been implicated inthe regulation of telomerase through its ability to induce the transcriptional activation of hTERT
  97. In the present study, we selectivelydownregulated c-Myc expression in human colon cancer Colo 320 cells with siRNA delivered via a plasmid-based polymerase III promoter system. This approach allowed us to explore a possible role for c-Myc in regulating telomerase activity.
  98. Tamoxifen is a drug of choice forendocrine-responsive breast tumor patients. However, tamoxifen resistance has become a major concern for the treatment of breast cancer. Combinational therapies of tamoxifen and different drugs are being frequently studied.
  99. Combinationalcombinatorialtreatment of gap junctional activator and tamoxifen in breast cancer cells.可以考虑的题目
  100. In this study, we tested the efficacy of substituted quinolines (code name=PQ1; a gap junctional activator) in combination withtamoxifen in T47D cells.
  101. This suggests that an increase in gap junction activity can potentiatethe effect of tamoxifen.
  102. genes to cancer cells is a new and promising modality for treatment of cancer.
  103. The monoclonal antibody trastuzumab and the EGFR/HER2 tyrosine kinase inhibitor lapatinib improve the clinical outcome of patients with HER2-overexpressing breast cancer. However, the majority of metastatic cancers will eventually progress suggesting the need for other therapies.
  104. The combination of Ad-HER2-ki pluslapatinib also showed superior anti-tumor efficacy in vivo.
  105. NFD-induced S-phase arrest was associated witha marked decrease in the protein expression of cyclin A
  106. NFD-induced apoptosis was characterized by increase of sub-G1 population, phosphatidylserine (PS) externalization, and activation of caspases.
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  109. In order to further examine thepotential mechanisms underlying these processes, significant research effort is focusing on DTCs in the bone marrow as a surrogate for minimal residual disease.
  110. In addition toits well-documented anti-oxidant properties, there is increasing evidence that resveratrol exhibits pro-oxidant activity under certain experimental conditions, causing oxidative DNA damage that may lead to cell cycle arrest or apoptosis.
  111. Similarly, an integrated strategy and pharmacogenomics approach is now essential to fight against this malady.
  112. A strong racial predilectionis noted in MBC
  113. This is in stark contrast tothe high incidence of male breast cancer
  114. The low incidence of male breast cancer has hinderedinvestigators’ attempts to develop randomized prospective trials, so the disease is poorly understood.
  115. An exploratorystudy of sunitinib plus paclitaxel as first-line treatment for patients with advanced breast cancer.